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One of the most beautiful fairy tales of Trentino

Moena, the fairy of the Dolomites

You can breathe in the magic as soon as you reach the village: star-shaped, it is embraced by the most enchanted Dolomite kingdom such as the Catinaccio, the Sella and the Latemar.

As you walk through the centre, you will be enveloped in romantic and suggestive atmospheres: old houses, historic streets and the sincere welcome of Ladin culture. All around you is silence and peace: the central areas are restricted to traffic.

For those who love shopping, there are shops with fashionable clothing or the latest sports equipment. Disco bars, typical clubs and pubs, for evenings with friends and loved ones in the name of pure fun!

Ciasa Alpina Relax Hotel | Regenerate in Moena, Val di Fassa
Ciasa Alpina Relax Hotel | Regenerate in Moena, Val di Fassa


Moena‘ means ‘fertile land rich in water‘. The name derives from its history and foundation, which tells of an ancient lake reclaimed, thanks to the hard work of the population.
In the past, known as Moyena, it was the home of the Rhaetians until the Roman conquest. During its rule, the Roman Empire spread its culture and Christian religion among the conquered. From the contamination of the two traditions, a unique, special language was born: Ladin or Rhaeto-Romanic, which is still spoken today in Moena and throughout the Val di Fassa.

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Until the end of the 19th century, the village was part of the Bishop’s Principality of Trento: as a ‘Regola‘ of the Community of Fiemme, it nevertheless enjoyed numerous benefits that allowed it to govern autonomously. A confused and turbulent period followed, involving the whole of Trentino, which reached its peak in 1809 with the revolt led by Andreas Hofes.
With the Congress of Vienna, Moena and the entire Episcopal Principality of Trento were annexed to the Austrian Empire.
The country’s darkest period coincided with the Great War: it became a rear of the front, with grave danger for the civilian population. Most of the territory was destroyed by fighting or military installations. Today it is possible to visit the remains of trenches, trenches and shelters.
After the war, all of Trentino South Tyrol was annexed to Italy. During the Fascist period, the local population was forbidden to express their peculiarities and to follow the traditions of Ladin culture. Only after the Second World War was the Ladin specificity of Moena and the Fassa Valley recognised.

Over the centuries, Moena has experienced moments of splendour as well as of darkness, always managing to rise brilliantly. It is no coincidence that the town’s coat of arms depicts a boatman guiding his small boat from darkness into the light.

Ciasa Alpina Relax Hotel | Ciasa Alpina Relax Hotel | Rigenerarsi a Moena, in Val di Fassa


The Val di Fassa is the only valley in Trentino where Ladin is still spoken. Moena is very much linked to its ancient culture, which merges in the way it communicates, in its handicrafts and in its cuisine.
The area guards countless treasures, linked to the Ladin tradition: in Vigo di Fassa, the ‘Museo Ladin de Fascia‘, which exhibits the historical evolution of Ladin cultural identity to the public, and in Penia di Canazei, the ‘La Sia‘ branch office, with an ancient Venetian sawmill, still intact, as it was in the days when it was used.
Let your senses be tickled by the authentic and tantalizing flavours of Ladin cuisine: such as bales, the famous dumplings with speck, cheese and liver, cajoncìe, crescent-shaped ravioli with spinach, figs and pumpkin, and supa da orc, a vegetable and barley soup.
A holiday to rediscover the importance of origins and ancient traditions, and rediscover harmony and tranquillity… savouring the rhythms of life far away and forgotten.

Ciasa Alpina Relax Hotel | Ciasa Alpina Relax Hotel | Rigenerarsi a Moena, in Val di Fassa

The 'Moena Fairy'

Moena is the Fairy of the Dolomites… As in the most beautiful children’s fairy tales, the Dolomite peaks that protect the town magically turn red at sunset, enchanting anyone who observes them…
A kingdom of fairy tales and legends to be discovered slowly, so as not to forget the famous traditions, colours and flavours…

Ciasa Alpina Relax Hotel | Moena, Val di Fassa

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