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Superior Rooms

A fairytale holiday

Sleeping in Moena: magical atmosphere in the Re Laurino rooms

For fairy tale lovers, the Re Laurino room will welcome you in a magical and mysterious atmosphere, to tell you the most famous legend of the Val di Fassa.

The Legend of Re Laurino
Re Laurino was the head of a people of dwarfs, and possessed two magical weapons: a belt that made him extremely strong and the cloak of invisibility.
One day, the king of South Tyrol decided to marry his beautiful daughter, and organised a big party. He did not invite Laurino, who, offended, went to the party anyway, protected by his invisible cloak. At the sight of the king’s daughter, he fell in love with her and kidnapped her, fleeing in the direction of his rose garden. During his escape, he was caught up by the men of the Highlanders, who entered the garden on horseback.

In spite of his cloak of invisibility, Laurino was captured: the roses bent as he passed, making it easy for his enemies to see his position. The king felt betrayed by his beloved rose garden, and thus put a curse on it: neither by day nor by night would any eye be able to admire its beauty… But the king forgot about sunrise and sunset: thus the Catinaccio, at these two precise moments of the day, is coloured like a rose garden, offering those who observe it a magical spectacle of unparalleled beauty…

Re Laurino Rooms

26 sqm / 1-3 persons

Equipped with:

  • Private bathroom
  • Large shower and hairdryer
  • Lounge area
  • 26″ TV
  • Minibar
  • Safe
  • Telephone
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet

Summer Season Prices 2022

17/06/22 02/07/22 LOW € 400,00 € 60,00
03/07/22 30/07/22 MID € 470,00 € 70,00
31/07/22 27/08/22 HIGH € 570,00 € 85,00
28/08/22 17/09/22 LOW € 400,00 € 60,00

Winter Season Prices 2022/2023

22/12/22 25/12/22 CHRISTMAS € 100,00
26/12/22 07/01/23 NEW YEAR – EPIPHANY € 800,00 € 115,00
08/01/23 21/01/23 LOW € 480,00 € 72,00
22/01/23 11/02/23 MID € 520,00 € 78,00
12/02/23 11/03/23 HIGH € 560,00 € 84,00
12/03/23 25/03/23 LOW € 480,00 € 72,00

WEEK: price per week from Sunday to Sunday per person

The above rates refer to Half Board and include all services offered by the hotel and what is specified in the GENERAL CONDITIONS where you can also find discounts for children and young people.

Hotel Moena - Ciasa Alpina

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